Internal SEO Site Audit in UK

Internal SEO Site Audit

Internal SEO site audit in the UK has become necessary for up-and-coming websites as well as previously established ones. This increase in growing popularity can be a result of several reasons. Not only do SEO audits accelerate your website’s ranking but they also improve its performance. Technical SEO site audit for instance analyses the technical aspects of a website and evaluates how it can get even better.

The IT Help studio recognizes its thriving importance and aims to provide these services so that your website can reach its utmost potential. Just like any other growing business, you can order WordPress SEO audit and relish the numerous benefits as well.

Why Is Internal SEO Site Audit Important

Internal linking’s main function is to exhibit how different pages of your website are connected to one another and how they make up one whole website structure. Your website can technically malfunction either because of the individual pages or the internal links connecting them. Internal SEO site audit is extremely important for your website as it serves in various ways:

Checks the website’s speed

Even though speed is not particularly a main ranking factor, Google’s algorithm speed update has made it a direct factor and now fast sites are likely to rank higher. Technical SEO site audits can make sure that your website meets Google’s guidelines. Apart from that, loading time influences the bounce rate to a great extent because users may not be willing to wait if the page isn’t functional for a long time. Their exasperation may cost you valuable traffic and revenue which is why an internal SEO site audit is highly important.

Furthermore, crawling your website with audits and running page speed analytics can ensure that performance is up to the user’s expectations and the website’s quality is satisfactory.

Examines the responsiveness

Responsiveness refers to a website’s ability to adjust its layout according to different browsers and devices. Google has a mobile-first indexing rule which means that enhanced responsiveness can not only improve user experience but it can act as a ranking booster as well. Users should be able to use your website from various devices (be it their smartphones, laptops, or desktops) This will decrease your website’s bounce rate, improve user satisfaction, and increase traffic.

SEO audits are important because search engines usually consider the quality of the website while ranking. After necessary testing, a technical SEO site audit can provide an in-depth evaluation of how a website’s responsiveness can be optimized for better user experience and ranking.

A technical SEO site audit can help your website in several ways and checking for HTTPS issues is one of them. HTTPS is an application layer protocol that ensures the safe transfer of information for users. Not only do the security and privacy-related keywords help your website rank higher but HTTPS also increases the speed and compression of data transfer. Since the loading time will be faster and user safety will be guaranteed, your website’s bounce rate will decrease significantly which in turn will promote higher ranking. User engagement will increase because of safety as well.

Search engines prioritize good user experience which is why they rank secure websites higher. HTTPS play a vital role in Google ranking by confirming users’ security and ensuring that spiders can see, crawl, and rank websites effectively. Hence, it is important to evaluate any underlying issues with them through an internal SEO site audit.

Checks for XML sitemap issues

SEO Technical audit

Since you want Google to crawl every important page in your website, a sitemap is a file that contains information about a website’s pages, videos, other files, and the links between them. It cuts out things such as redirects and dead pages and only displays the ones that should be indexed by search engines.
Internal SEO site audit checks for sitemap errors because undetected ones can confuse google spiders and affect ranking. Once the analysis is received, you can eliminate dead, non-canonical, or non-indexed pages.

Identifies 301 and 302 redirects

Link removal can often result in a high number of redirects on your website. From 301 and 302 to various others, your link equity may not be reaching its full potential. If you want your deeper pages to get just as much attention as the growing ones then an internal SEO site audit will be the right way to go. Links may be getting left out in headers, footers, or even the sidebar because of redirects. 301 and 302 are the only two types of redirects that can take the users and search engine spiders to the updated location.

However, it is important to remember that even though a 301 redirect guides the user to the new functional link even when they access the old one and explains that the location has been permanently changed, there is no guarantee that search engine spiders are not even slightly affected by it. Apart from that, the identification of redirects is cost-effective as well. Since spiders may require more budget if they have to go over the same link twice in order to reach the final destination, elimination may end up being more helpful for businesses with a limited marketing budget.

Hence, it is best to be fully certain and order a WordPress SEO audit to resolve these redirects gradually. It is an effective plug-in that can evaluate the robustness of any URL.

Since the internal links are the foundation of your website’s structure, they act as pillars and interconnect different pages on the same website. You can say that they are the chain that builds a website in the first place. Internal SEO site audit and in-depth inspection are important because this designated purpose will not be fulfilled if links are broken or the page is not found (404 error). Navigation rate will not be as intuitive as preferred and traffic will not increase as efficiently either.

An internal SEO audit is useful in this situation as it will simply update the links, confirm whether they are working properly, and improve the navigation system on the whole.

SEO audit website

Improves linking

If you want additional pages crawled, then an important thing to remember is that there is a thin line between effective linking and spam appearance. Since search engines do not specifically limit the number of internal links that can be added, it is ultimately up to the site owner to decide.

Now, it is not uncommon for the viewer to get exasperated by the high number of internal links on your page. They might think that the website is a scam and bounce. However, the loss can come from a lack of internal linking as well. A weak website architecture will become the root of missed opportunities as your website will not rank high.

Displays further opportunities

An internal SEO site audit is not only useful because it shows when the links are too many. In fact, it also lets you know if there is a potential for more. Sometimes, owners may not realize the importance of internal linking and at the risk of appearing as spam, they might decrease the linking more than necessary.

If you order a WordPress SEO audit, your entire website will be evaluated and further opportunities will be revealed i.e. places where links can be added.

An audit will even bring forth the orphan pages on your website (ones that do not have any internal links and are left out of the structure) these pages are not only difficult to locate by the users but site crawlers may not get to them either. It is completely normal for your website to have orphan pages and it can happen due to several reasons. For instance, you can miss an old page in the updated navigation or forget to add a new page to the existing structure. Either way, the ranking will be low mainly because the pages in question will not be a part of your website’s structure. Hence, the best way is to link them throughout various pages on your website and run internal SEO site audits to detect problems.

Checks the on-page elements

SEO audit

On-page elements such as titles, headings, and meta tags are some of the important factors that can affect on-page SEO and page ranking. Internal SEO site audits can analyze such factors and identify missed opportunities. Since on-page elements enable Google to make sense of your content, titles, headings, and meta descriptions can give a short overview of the entire page and increase user engagement.

For instance, titles are the main element that helps the search algorithm decide the main category of a page. You can say that titles come before content when it comes to page placement. Hence, optimized, and keyword-friendly titles can help your website rank much higher.


Apart from that, clearly written H1s and H2s can help Google in understanding the content more accurately and decide its ranking. Meanwhile, empty H1 tags can become a reason for fewer clicks.

Meta tags

Meta tags are short snippets that conclusively describe a document and lay out what the page is about. Since they are your pitch to the user, internal SEO site audits can identify potential and analyse how they can be improved. Meta tags can not only be filled with keywords but they are often shown directly on search results as well. Their importance is high because only an accurately written meta-description can positively affect search engines and users.

These are the elements that are likely to be shown by Google in the search results hence the lack of proper descriptions can impact your website adversely. A technical SEO site audit can help you plan strategies for your content and rank higher simultaneously.

Conclusively, an internal SEO site audit is needed because it analyses the errors in your website and lays out which areas can be improved for better results. WordPress SEO audit can even help you get rid of critical issues and prevent bigger problems. It also helps you identify the common or petty mistakes with your internal links along with the effects of SEO activities on your website. An effective audit is important for all site owners because this practice can help you improve your website’s optimization with search engines. Moreover, it can bring high traffic, decrease bounce rate, and improve engagement as well.

Get in touch with us and IT Help studio will provide detailed analysis of your website’s performance and core web vitals to push it toward excellence.

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