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Software testing for Startups is an integral part of the development process that shouldn’t be overlooked amid other tasks. There are certain things that you need to be extra careful about while launching a startup. For instance, owners need to concentrate on establishing long-term goals, getting adequate funding, reducing development costs, and decreasing time-to-market. While these are all essential steps, so is QA testing. 

IT Help studio offers you a team of specialists who are equipped in software testing for startups, QA QC WordPress testing, and QA QC website testing. While our team is highly skilled and guaranteed to provide top-notch results, our rates are affordable for a startup’s budget.

Software QA testing for startups

Let’s discuss how you can set up QA in your startup while maintaining quality and keeping the process budget-friendly.

Why do Startups Need QA?

Startups do not just focus on fulfilling customers’ needs effectively, they also want to provide a satisfactory experience that will nourish trust and build long-term loyalty. No matter how detailed your development process is, there’s still a possibility that your software will have unforeseen bugs that will cause it to act improperly. 

Development teams can give their 100% and still encounter bugs. Software testing for Startups is crucial because even million-dollar projects such as NASA’s helicopter launch can react unpredictably because of a mere glitch. No matter the field of your startup, product quality is the ultimate factor that influences the end user. If a well-funded project such as NASA’s helicopter launch can face a software glitch, so can a startup. Your development team can be highly skilled and experienced but unfortunately, even their expertise doesn’t cross out the possibility of software defects.

Even though software can’t be fully bug-free, Quality assurance testing can surely prevent a big catastrophe and help a business meet its goals. Hence, a quality-focused approach is one way to encourage trust and ensure end-user satisfaction. 

Consequences and Effects of Poor Quality Assurance

Software testing and quality assurance website testing are vital parts of the software development process. Here’s what would happen if they are ignored.

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Unexpected delays and increased time-to-market

While you may face a number of problems because of neglecting QA testing in your software, time management issues are the most critical ones. The lack of proper QA and QC planning can delay the development process and even force you to move the launch date. These delays can happen because of unwanted features found in a website or app and they can also happen because of unexpected bugs. Either way, your software will spend more time in the development stages than originally expected. This will not only increase development costs and time-to-market but your startup’s timeline will be affected as well.
QA testing, QC testing, and software testing for startups are necessary because they identify the problems in the early stages and prevent costly delays.

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Negative impact on business image

In addition to affecting your estimated timeline, bugs also influence your business’s reputation. If end-users face an error or bug in your software and the product doesn’t meet their pre-determined expectations, they’ll probably lose valuable time and resources. Not only will your customer support bear the impact of it but your software will get tons of negative reviews online. Your current users will switch to alternative options and prospective customers will not be attracted.

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Security problems

Security is the top requirement for many users as they need to be able to trust your software with personal information. A bug-infested software can become the cause of a security breach and put users’ information at risk. The information in question can vary based on the field of your business but it can be anything from data corruption to leakage or deletion of sensitive information. Other than that, security breaches can also lead to property theft and potential compensation costs for your startup.
Software testing for startups ensures secure software for your business and users alike.

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Difficulty with investors

Since a lack of QA testing leads to poor software quality, it also brings forward unexpected losses. Your startup will fail to meet user’s expectations and perform badly in the market which means that sales and revenue goals will not be met. As a result, your startup will lose potential funding opportunities and you will have a hard time attracting investors for the software’s further development.

Why is preventing problems more affordable than solving them?

QA QA testing for Startups

Various types of software testing are essential for establishing QA in startups. Not only that but it is important to find bugs beforehand because eliminating them right before the launch requires much more resources.

When a bug remains unidentified for a long time, its effects intensify and it gets harder to fix. Since solving it later can affect other features of the software, the entire process will require additional modifications to the code, more time, money and resources. Hence, defects should be solved in the early stages of the development process.

Why is software testing fast-paced in a startup environment?

Since startups encounter obstacles throughout the development process, it is important that they evolve with new technology, preserve resources, meet customer’s expected requirements, evaluate the progress, and decrease the time-to-market.

Conclusively, the speed, cost, and quality of a QA process should be balanced.

Set up QA in the early stages of the development process

Setting up quality assurance in the early stages enables you to check for defects along the way rather than at the end. This process of adhering to a pre-made testing strategy mostly includes parallel checking and continuous feedback. This prevents errors from the first day and makes software development much more effective. Furthermore, the best time to hire a QA specialist is right after your MVP development is completed as it will be much more cost-effective this way.

Agile QA methodology

This approach allows you to change product requirements while keeping the testing process steady. Its principles include the following:

  • Constant feedbacks
  • Effective communication
  • Developers and business analysts participate collectively
  • Feedback response time is lower
  • Less documentation
  • Customer needs are the main focus

IT Help Studio believes that the best time to get a QA specialist is when product backlogs are being prepared. This way QA strategy will be prepared early on and the rest of the process will go smoothly.

Consider QA outsourcing 

Since most startups can’t afford a QA team in-house, they opt toward dividing the tasks within the existing team and using every last available member. This results in the absence of a proper test strategy, incomplete resources, inefficient use of manpower, and lack of automation. To avoid these problems, startups should consider QA outsourcing.

QA outsourcing

QA outsourcing refers to the process of hiring an external third-party provider for QA website and app testing. The provider will be responsible for conducting the complete quality assurance process, auditing your system, and fixing the defects. Third-party software testing companies have a team of QA and QC specialists who can test your software effectively.
Here are some advantages of outsourcing QA testing services.

Benefits of QA outsourcing for startups

Time and cost-friendly

The most important benefit of QA outsourcing is that you get the best of both worlds. You won’t have to allocate funds and resources toward an in-house team but you’ll get the job done anyway. Apart from that, software testing companies prioritize effective time management and project completion which means that you don’t have to worry about meeting deadlines.

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Prepared resources

Another benefit of QA outsourcing is that software testing companies already have experienced teams, up-to-date equipment, necessary tools, and streamlined processes. While getting all of this separately can cost a lot, outsourcing is a much more economical option for startups.

Most companies offer a wide scope of options including manual software testing services, automation, QA QC WordPress testing, and QA QC website testing.

Delegating management tasks

When you get software testing for startup, you don’t have to worry about the HR process either. Companies will source, hire, and onboard the staff on their own while maintaining internal affairs as well. In short, QA outsourcing is a cost-effective way to test your software.

Flexible options

QA outsourcing is also beneficial because of its flexibility. Companies can handle the entire process on their own but they can also join your in-house team and work collectively with your developers. While payments, rates, and the number of specialists will vary based on your project’s needs, most companies tend to be highly adaptable. 

IT Help Studio understands the importance of software testing for startups and aims to provide high-quality services. Since your product quality is extremely important in attracting potential customers and keeping existing ones, our skilled team can adapt to a fast-paced startup environment and help your business. We also provide QA WordPress, QA website, and QC testing services.

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