Manual Software Testing in UK

QA Manual Testing in UK

Software testing is a significant part of web app development. As a matter of fact, ensuring your software’s quality before launching is an integral part of the testing phase and will set you apart from your competitors.

When it comes to software testing, you can either have it done automatically or manually.

Here at IT Help studio, our highly experienced and finest testers focus on manual software testing.

QA Manual Testing

Everything you need to know about manual software testing

QA Manual Testing

Manual software testing in UK, as the name suggests is a way to have your software examined/inspected manually. Instead of using expensive automated sources, you can hire human testers to check your website and inspect the functionality and performance before it goes live.
Despite it being time-consuming, We at IT Help studio prioritise manual testing over automation because of a number of reasons.
Automated testing uses specialised tools to analyse your software’s credibility but that doesn’t stop it from missing out on UX/ GUI faults. Our QA engineers on the other hand sit tirelessly in front of their computers or mobile devices and go through each phase with notable dedication. Performing the tests on real-time apps makes it nearly impossible for them to miss any errors, and the lack of automated tools makes it more affordable.
It is safe to say that our “manual testing services” provide the best outcomes and ensure great customer satisfaction.

Why do you need software testing?

In this contemporary era where e-commerce is advancing day by day. The consumer has options left and right, and in such a competitive market, even the slightest mistake could result in image issues.
Software testing has become an essential for businesses because problem-solving and issue-resolving are two of the most important things that will save you from future losses.

Here’s why you need it too:

A cost-effective way for your business
Determines your software’s capabilities
Ensures customer satisfaction
Amplifies the software development process
Identifies bugs and errors
Minimises all kinds of risks
Assists your business towards expansion

What is QA Manual software testing

manual testing

A quality assurance testing (QA) is a specialised testing phase that involves performing a range of scenarios according to written test plans. It is an integral part of the software development process. General testing is based on code quality whereas QA deals with a wider stakeholder group.

QA manual testing is the evaluation of your software to a much more specialised range where bugs, glitches, and other potential performance issues are detected and resolved.

Our top-notch manual QA services include the following:

Functional Testing

Functional testing is the primary test phase in QA testing that needs to be fulfilled by your software. IT help studio’s QA testers will help you evaluate whether your website is attaining all its predetermined requirements. Our experts will have no insight into the software’s internal logic and use black-box techniques to perform unit testing, smoke testing, and user acceptance.
Functional testing ensures that your end user receives the expected output.
In simple terms, it is a way to see if your website is functional.
To test your software’s performance, we will feed it some data that is specifically mapped out according to its roles and see how it responds. The quality of output will be judged and reported for your aid.

Web testing

Web testing is a type of software testing that mainly falls in the category of web applications. It is essential to perform this before your app goes live so that all catastrophes and bugs are eliminated before the app reaches the target audience. It will also validate that elevated customer response is received.
Our QAs will perform this service manually by following a suitable test plan.
IT help studio’s web testing services are a complete package in which our team will evaluate the following:
Functional testing
Usability testing
Compatibility testing
Interface (GUI) testing
Performance testing

Mobile testing

Mobile testing, as the name suggests is a specified service that primarily deals with testing mobile applications.
It is understandable that manual testing of mobile applications is not only cost-effective but flexible as well. Testing an app directly on its intended device will allow better judgement.
Our QA testers will determine whether the key features are performing their planned functions, the app’s responsiveness and resolution on various device versions and screen sizes, the quality of its performance, feature issues, and the presence of any bugs or glitches.
Moreover, the app’s behavior under certain scenarios will be tested. For instance, its reaction to large crowds and heavy workloads will be analysed. Our team will make sure that your app works well under all types of unexpected conditions.

Exploratory testing

It is a complex test in which tasks such as learning, test designing, analysing, and test execution are done simultaneously.
Exploratory testing helps us go beyond the standard tests and think of truly unexpected yet probable scenarios. In-depth tests will be made up to evaluate the extent of your software’s performance and our individual testers will be given a chance to think outside the box and identify the defects that are usually left undetected.
We at the IT Help studio provide this service because of its flexibility with time. This service is ideal if you have a tight deadline, since our testers will be able to complete it with minimal preparation and reach execution very quickly.

Black-box / white-box testing

Black-box testing is a method in which your software’s functionality will be tested by our team without them peering into your internal design, coding, and structure. Specific features and functions will be put under test and your software’s interface will be examined. Our QA Manual testing will cross-check various inputs with their expected outputs and judge your software’s general performance. If there are no requirements we conduct Black box testing.
Meanwhile, white-box testing is a method in which your software’s internal structures, coding, integration, and the external system will be analysed as opposed to its functionality. In order to design test cases tailored to your application’s internal perspective, our team will analyse the source code of your program.
IT Help studio provide both these services and you’re open to take your pick.

GUI / UX testing

The objective of GUI testing is to determine if the graphical interface of your software is working as expected and whether it fulfils its requirements. The IT Help studio’s team will come up with potential scenarios that may occur during end-user contact and test every aspect that the user may come in contact with. These tests will be performed on a range of platforms and devices and visual elements will be tested in terms of functionality and performance.
UX testing on the other hand is a method that has a two-way relationship with Quality assurance. Not only is Usability a quality measure but quality issues ultimately influence the entire user experience (UX) as well.
It is a stage specially developed to catch bugs before your software goes live and hence ensures great customer satisfaction.

Qa software testing & Manual software testing & QA Manual Testing

Regression testing

Regression testing verifies whether the website can perform all of its intended functions after a codebase change has been made. If the website returns to its former state, the codebase change was a regression.

IT Help studio provides this service to guarantee extra effectiveness in your software. It is performed by our QA testers after the development cycle to check if any of the functionalities have been adversely affected during the process.

Compatibility testing on different platforms / devices

Compatibility testing is a type of non-functional software testing that is extremely important to the success of your software. It analyses aspects such as usability, reliability, and performance to boost customer trust.

The IT Help studio’s team will ensure that your application runs effectively and expectedly on various browsers, devices, hardware, networks, and operating systems. Your consumer could be using your software on any device or platform and considering that there is no way for you to ascertain their device of choice, this specific feature will guarantee their satisfaction in all cases.

Manual software testing

Test plans / Test Cases / Bug reports

Our services also include the provision of test plans, test cases, and bug reports. These will give you a detailed and conclusive report on our team’s efforts.

A test plan is a document that outlines the details of objectives, resources, and procedures for a specific test. You can say that it is a blueprint of the eventual workflow.

Moreover, our quality assurance (QA) team will also write test cases for your software that will be used later as a step-by-step guide for each systematic test. These are typically a singular set of instructions designed to test specific aspects of your software. Our test cases will be beneficial for you because they guarantee good test coverage, improves quality, enhances user experience, and determines whether the software will satisfy user requirements.

Bug reporting is one of the most important tasks of QA testers and it begins with bug detection. Once our team has uncovered a bug or defect in your software, they will categorise it and note it in the final report. This will help you understand the severity of the bug and help you understand the level of attention it needs.

Defects management in bug-tracking systems

It is a systematic process that not only identifies bugs but also fixes them. IT Help Studio will do this by:

Detecting the issues
Categorizing them
Reporting into bug tracking tool
Tracing a progress (close issues or move them to developers)
Verifying, perform Sanity or Regression testing

This service is better to be performed manually by our QA testers because they will prioritise the defect on a severity basis and assign them to a specific category. Furthermore, a defect report will be provided that will contain the defect’s summary, its general description, its root cause, and finally, the action taken to fix it.

Why choose the IT Help studio for software testing

With excellent client reviews backing us up, IT Help studio is a company that prioritises quality asurance service over everything else. We corroborate that your software meets user expectations and fulfils all that it is required to do.
Our software testing team at IT Help studio authenticates that your software meets behavioral requirement specifications as well as behavioral adherence and quality.
We will catch bugs and functional issues before your app goes live so that not only are your deadlines met but the task is accomplished efficiently as well.

You can not fix the errors without identifying them which is why our excellent team works effectively and provides a well-detailed report at the end that will make things easier for you. We also assist you with the analysis of operational procedures and test plans for your software.

QA Testing

Our expert team is well versed in manual testing techniques. After they have gone through the testing phases and applied quality assurance services, your software will be amplified in speed, outstanding in quality.
One of the main reasons why people such as yourself might be reluctant about manual testing is the precariousness of security. As the world advances, the risks of scams and fraud are higher than ever.

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