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Software Testing Services QA

Having your software tested before it goes live is an integral part of the development process. It needs to be tested in order to avoid future losses and a bad reputation in the market. As long as it is not authenticated and verified that your software performs all of its intended purposes, customer satisfaction cannot be guaranteed.

Software Testing Service – Explained

Software testing service is a process in which your software or application is evaluated to check whether it’s performing its predetermined functions.
With the world advancing on the Internet, it is important to make sure that you provide the best possible product.

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Now, there are two types of testing that will verify your software’s performance. Automated and manual. Even though automated testing services may sound more efficient to you, that’s most certainly not the case. Specialized equipment costs way more and increases your expenses and automation is prone to miss out on a few GUI-UX bugs.
This is precisely why IT Help studio prefer manual testing services. The accuracy of human judgement is much more reliable for your business considering that your end-user is also a human. Furthermore, manual testing is cost-effective and valuable for you in the long term.
Having your software manually tested before launching will result in benefits such as bug detection, enhanced usability, user satisfaction, and reduced development costs.

Why is software testing service a necessity?

Customer satisfaction:

Software testing has become a necessity because of its notable benefits for businesses. The main goal of this process is to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain a healthy brand image. If your end-users encounter defects while using the final product, it can lead to bad publicity and even result in significant losses. You want your customer to access the product in its highest quality and to do so, software testing is mandatory. Having your software’s functionality and performance tested in regards to graphical user interface (GUI) and general user experience will guarantee consumer’s satisfaction.


Software testing may seem like an added expense at the time but if you consider its advantages, it will definitely save your resources, money, and time in the future. Customer satisfaction itself will be beneficial for the business’s profits but other than that, maintenance often puts a dent in the company’s accounts. Think to yourself, which software will require more maintenance? One with untested bugs and performance issues or the one that has been thoroughly evaluated beforehand and has little to no risk? eliminating the bugs in the early stages of software development is way more affordable than amending it after the entire software has been made.

Increased reliability:

You want your customer to trust your software and feel comfortable while using it. If the software is glitching all the time and not performing its expected functions then the customer is bound to lose trust.
your user prefers a reliable software that is easily accessible yet secure. You can achieve this through qa software testing. During the process, several tests and techniques are performed to evaluate your software’s credibility. Functioning tests, performance tests, and security tests will increase your product’s reliability and ensure a secure platform for the user to operate on. Once the tester has analyzed security issues, developers can be asked to add more security layers and debug the system.
Finally, complete or exhaustive testing will determine whether your software is as per the user’s requirements.

Bug-free application:

The main task of the software testing process is to detect bugs and report them back to the developers. Bug tracking is a system that allows software testers to log and monitor all types of bugs and errors in the system. Once the bugs are detected, testers evaluate them further and prioritise them according to their status for debugging.
A bug-free application with no defects that will run smoothly and effectively with no unexpected results is the one most liked by your customers and stakeholders. Even though It is nearly impossible to detect every single bug in a large system, software testing services try their best to resolve them to a healthy level where they won’t be as dangerous.

Why should you choose the IT Help studio for software testing

If you’re wondering why you should choose our business for this task, there are a number of reasons.
Firstly, we fulfill all of the benefits listed above but there is more to IT Help studio than standard advantages.

Take a look at the diverse range of QA services we provide:

Functional testing
Black box/ white box testing
Compatibility testing
Web and mobile app testing
Exploratory testing
GUI / UX testing
Regression testing

Another reason you should choose us is our budget-friendly plans for your new business. Performing the entire process of software testing manually is time-consuming but it ends up being affordable.

Not only do we provide software testing services for premade websites but we also offer assistance with software development, designs, maintenance, and quality assurance. If you’re having your website developed by the IT help studio itself then our team will make sure to perform software testing before handing you the final product.

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Developers will build a website as per your requirements and manual QA testers will ensure its functionality and performance. This will further save you cost and time and you’ll not feel the need to hire somebody else for the task.
Unlike other frauds and scams on the Internet, IT Help studio is a prestigious network that has had promising results with previous clients. Our Upwork client base is always satisfied with our services and you can see all about it in our portfolio.
We put your trust above everything else so if you have any security concerns, check out our privacy policy or contact us directly.

Hiring software tester

Who is a software tester?

A software tester is a person who is responsible for the quality of your software. They are qualified to detect bugs, errors, and any potential defects in the product. Unlike software engineers, testers are involved in the final stages of the development process and they mainly focus on ensuring that developed software is performing as per its requirements. This helps them in evaluating your software’s performance, functionality, and judge whether it’s ready for the end user.

Why do you need to hire a software tester?

Software testing is an efficient way to detect bugs before the final product launch. Suppose your developers made an ignorant mistake during the process, the likelihood of them noticing it is extremely low and even if they do, a lot of work and energy will be needed to go back and fix that problem.

This may increase your maintenance costs and if the seemingly small error remains unattended, the end-user will encounter glitches. Companies need software testers because they are the best source to identify and resolve problems before the user gets a hand on the final product. Once the software has been thoroughly evaluated, it will be error-free and you will receive elevated customer satisfaction. You can say that hiring a software tester will not only ensure better output but it is a cheap way to accelerate your development process.

Why should you hire a software tester from the IT Help studio?

Hiring a software tester from the IT Help studio will provide the following benefits:

Increased customer trust
Software flexibility
Limited dangers
Quickened software development
Bug-free system
Low maintenance costs

As mentioned above, IT Helps studio indulge manual software testing over automation. As the name suggests, manual testing is a way in which our human testers sit in front of their computers and dedicatedly go through each testing phase. Their undivided attention and analytical skills make them extremely reliable as they go through stages such as evaluating the requirement reports, designing suitable test plans, test cases for specific features, execution, and reporting.

Furthermore, they are our finest experts who excel in Quality Assurance (QA) as well. This means that they will ensure that your product reaches its full potential and has the best possible quality. An in-depth and thorough analysis of your operational procedures will be provided along with comprehensive test plans. They use effective techniques such as black-box and white-box, Functional testing to ensure high customer satisfaction.

Our software testers will examine your software’s artefacts and behavior through several tests and provide independent views on its performance. Their designed tests are unique and exploratory. We encourage them to think outside the box and test your software in every possible way.

IT Help studio’s software testers are effective communicators and cooperative so that you get your desired results without having to deal with added stress. Our team consists of experienced testers who have impeccable attention to detail. This specific quality is extremely beneficial since it subsides any chance of errors being overlooked. Another thing that distinguishes IT help studios is its time management skills. If you are on a short deadline and need your work done quickly then our exploratory services are the best pick for you. Limited time and costs are required but the result is just as efficient.

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Provision of reports and analysis

Right feedback at the right time can save you from a lot of trouble. Our experts at IT Help studio make this a priority. When our testers are going through the testing phases and a bug is detected, they categorize it in bug reports according to their severity status and ask the developers to fix them. This is a helpful way for developers to examine the areas lacking and take precautionary measures in the future. Our team also provides valuable feedback that helps in the general improvement of the product.
After the bug or defects are fixed, regression testing is done to check for any adverse effects.

Hire our team because we put your interests as our main priority and our team has had great results in the past. Contact us to get a quote and have your software tested.

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